Covina-Valley Unified School District

  • Covina-Valley Unified Middle School Students Learn to Thrive in Social Settings with Etiquette Training

    Middle school students from across Covina-Valley Unified School District came together for an enriching session on etiquette principles and table manners on Nov. 4. The event culminated in a wonderful family brunch, where students showcased their new skills. The etiquette workshop provided students with essential skills for excelling in various social situations. Thirty-eight students from Traweek, Sierra Vista, and Las Palmas middle schools participated, gaining a thorough understanding of key dining etiquette practices.

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  • Covina High School Students Dive into Coding, Programming in Engineering Design Pathway

    Covina High School students in the Engineering Design Career Technical Education Pathway dive headfirst into a curriculum rich with hands-on coding and programming experience, granting them vital skills to help them succeed in the industry. The four-year pathway covers various topics, including engineering principles, robotics, computer design, 3D printing, coding and more. The program culminates in a capstone class that challenges students with an eight-month project in which they create an invention of their own, including choosing a solvable problem, gathering data, building surveys, exploring the U.S. Patent Office and manufacturing a working prototype to present to the class at the end of the school year.

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  • South Hills High Students Gain Hands-on Cooking Experience in Culinary Arts Pathway

    South Hills High School students bake pies, temper eggs, layer pastry dough, and much more in the school’s Culinary Arts career technical education (CTE) pathway, setting them up for successful careers as chefs, bakers, prep cooks, restaurant managers, or other jobs in the culinary industry. Students start the two-year CTE pathway with an introductory class, where they learn safety and sanitation, knife handling skills, and different cooking and baking techniques. Students then move on to the Capstone class, where they learn higher-level skills and switch between making savory and sweet dishes.

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