Whittier Union High School District

  • Whittier Union Senior Receives Gates Scholarship to Pursue Biomedical Engineering Degree

    Whittier High School senior Yolanda Mares will never forget the day in chemistry class when she created a large, fiery burst of smoke as part of an experiment. Seeing the colorful plume – a chemical reaction known as “purple haze” – immediately inspired Mares to dedicate her studies to science and technology, culminating in Mares serving as president of the school’s prestigious Cardinal Academy of Technology (CAT) in her senior year.

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  • Whittier Union High School Commitment to Extracurricular Science Program Paying Dividends

    Pioneer High School’s extracurricular science program has grown by leaps and bounds over the past seven years, providing students with a broad base of experiences to build their confidence and skills through the rigorous study of science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) subjects, preparing them for post-secondary opportunities. Pioneer STEM students are coding and constructing projects of their own design, with many of the projects falling outside traditional high school coursework, as they work to develop and execute their own scientific research, work that culminated in Pioneer’s second annual Science Fair, where more than 160 student engineers competed to earn top prizes in several STEM categories.

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  • Whittier Union High School District Health Academy Prepares Students for Success in Variety of Health Fields

    California High School Health Academy students are engaging in hands-on learning and gaining real-world experience in a variety of health fields, granting them advanced knowledge and certifications that prepare them for college and careers. The Health Academy begins in sophomore year, where students are introduced to medical terminology and explore the potential career options open to them. During their junior year, students shift to emergency medicine, where they learn life-saving procedures and how to respond to medical emergencies. By senior year, students choose to specialize in sports medicine, dental assisting, or nurse assisting, allowing them to dive deeper into their chosen field and gain practical skills that set them up for future success.

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