El Monte Union High School District

  • El Monte Union Senior Receives Full-ride Posse Scholarship to Pursue Dream of Becoming a Teacher

    Rosemead High School senior Madison Loterina has received a full-ride Posse Foundation Scholarship to attend Bucknell University, where she will continue to explore her passion for learning and pursue her dream of becoming a history teacher. Madison, a first-generation college student with a 4.15 GPA, discovered her passion for helping others to learn at an early age while volunteering with younger students at her elementary school. Madison credits her Advanced Placement (AP) history teachers at EMUHSD for nurturing her love of the subject and inspiring her career goals.

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  • El Monte Union High School District Narrows Trustee Area Maps Down to 3

    The El Monte Union High School District Board of Trustees will move forward three draft trustee area maps for further consideration as the District transitions from at-large elections to trustee-area elections. The Board plans to select a final map for adoption at its meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 2. Following comments during the Jan. 5 public hearing, as well as feedback taken during several community open houses and previous public hearings, the Board narrowed the number of draft maps for consideration following consensus to eliminate the NDC Yellow, NDC Green and NDC Green 2 maps and requested changes to NDC Green map to create a new NDC Green 3 Map. The Board of Trustees will adopt a final map from the following three drafts: NDC Orange Map, NDC Yellow 2 Map, and a new NDC Green 3 which is being developed by professional demographers based on comments received from the Board during the recent public hearing.

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  • El Monte Union Hosts Open House for ‘Farm Lab’ Garden

    Arroyo High School held an open house on Dec. 17 to showcase their one-acre on-campus garden, also known as the ‘Farm Lab,’ where students grow and harvest their own produce, learn about ecology and farming science and how to conserve water to preserve the ecosystem. The urban garden provides a flourishing and sustainable food source for hungry families with a variety of crops, including fruits such as lemon, orange and papaya, medicinal and culinary herbs, root vegetables like carrots, radishes and sweet potatoes, lemon grass, sugar cane and more. While at the open house, guests had the opportunity to enjoy garden-grown basil lemonade, win raffle prizes and make party baskets full of harvested produce.

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