Covina-Valley Unified School District

  • Covina-Valley Unified Ushers in Holiday Season with Colt Christmas Event

    Covina-Valley Unified students will kick off the holiday season with Colt Christmas – a free community and school event that will feature performances by students from Grovecenter, Manzanita, Rowland Avenue, and Workman Avenue elementary schools, Traweek Middle School, and Covina High School

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  • Covina-Valley Unified Agriculture Department Honored with Golden Bell Award for Excellence

    Covina High School students prepare to join California’s biggest industry – agriculture – by engaging in hands-on learning at the on-campus farm and greenhouse where they can work with real animals and plants. The California School Boards Association (CSBA) recognized the Agriculture and Animal Science programs with a distinguished Golden Bell award on Nov. 30, celebrating Covina High’s program and its excellence. The agriculture department comprises of a four-year program with courses in sustainable agricultural biology, soil chemistry, floriculture, animal science, veterinary science, and agricultural economics and government. Through these classes, students learn how to be smart consumers and gain first-hand experience in animal care and gardening.

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  • Covina-Valley Unified Middle School Students Learn to Thrive in Social Settings with Etiquette Training

    Middle school students from across Covina-Valley Unified School District came together for an enriching session on etiquette principles and table manners on Nov. 4. The event culminated in a wonderful family brunch, where students showcased their new skills. The etiquette workshop provided students with essential skills for excelling in various social situations. Thirty-eight students from Traweek, Sierra Vista, and Las Palmas middle schools participated, gaining a thorough understanding of key dining etiquette practices.

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