Lynwood – Six Lynwood Unified schools have been named California Gold Ribbon Schools for shaping lesson plans to address diverse student needs, using data to drive teacher collaboration on classroom instruction and guiding students to take charge of their own learning.

Only elementary schools were eligible to apply this year, with Lynwood Unified’s Helen Keller, Janie P. Abbott, Mark Twain, Roosevelt, Will Rogers and Woodrow Wilson elementary schools receiving the honor.

“These awards are a reflection of our staff coming together and collaborating to really support students,” Board of Education President Alma-Delia Renteria said. “We want to highlight our amazing teachers every chance we get — they have made our District very proud with the transformational work they constantly produce.”

Through data reflection sessions, Lynwood teachers share what works in their lesson plans, develop new lessons and identify the strengths and needs of all students to customize their learning experiences and maximize success. The expectations put forth for each grade level determine whether a student is on track with lessons, and each teacher designs lesson plans based on those expectations.

“Over the years, Lynwood Unified has continually strengthened the quality of education we provide to every student we serve,” Superintendent Paul Gothold said. “This recognition, in addition to the strides we are seeing in student achievement, shows that our collaborative work is moving us closer to our mission to ensure every student gains the skills they need to reach their dreams of college and career.”

The Gold Ribbon is California’s highest academic award, created as a substitute to the Distinguished School Program to celebrate schools for model programs during rollout of the new California Standards. The program started in 2014-15 with middle and high schools. This year, it recognized 772 elementary schools.

Schools applied for the Gold Ribbon program in November 2015. Applications were reviewed in January and site visits conducted through March. Regional award ceremonies will be held in May.

Lynwood Unified Gold Ribbon Schools:

Helen Keller Elementary: Teachers use data from common district assessments to highlight student needs and sculpt curriculum to meet those needs.

Janie P. Abbott Elementary: Teachers collaborate through data reflection meetings and seek creative opportunities outside the regular work day to strengthen lesson plans that engage students, using the data from regular assessments.

Mark Twain Elementary: Teachers collaborate through Professional Learning Communities to determine expectations for students, use common assessments to determine effectiveness, re-teach lessons when students fall behind and enrich the learning process for students who quickly master topics.

Roosevelt Elementary: The school’s Golden Ticket Lesson Design guides students to become their own teachers through an “I do, we do, you do” model.

Will Rogers Elementary: The school gives teachers committed, independent time during school for guided lesson planning through substitute release time and during students’ physical education classes.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary: The school’s instructional model allows teachers to instruct students equally as a whole class and in small groups for literacy instruction, giving more assistance to students who need it.