SAN YSIDRO — For the first time in eight years, the San Ysidro School District has received a positive certification of its budget from the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE), confirming that the District budget meets the criteria and standards for fiscal stability and that the San Ysidro School District will meet its financial obligations for the next three years.

News of the positive certification was shared with the Board of Education and community members by SYSD Superintendent Dr. Julio Fonseca at the District’s Feb. 11 Board Meeting.

“Positive certification of our budget reflects the strength of our Business Services team and represents the bright future of the students we serve,” Fonseca said. “I would like to thank the staff and the entire San Ysidro community for standing by our children despite the challenges and obstacles faced in the past. We are developing a strong foundation to build upon as we continue to focus on student achievement.”

The District filed for a positive certification rating for their 2015-16 first interim report in December and received news of the SDCOE’s approval of a positive status in a letter sent to the District Feb. 8. A positive certification is given when a District’s budget will meet its financial obligations during the current fiscal year (2015-16) and two subsequent years (2016-17, 2017-18).

“The County’s confirmation that our budget is financially sound means we are making sure the education of our students remains our number one priority,” San Ysidro Board President Marcos Diaz said. “Now that a solid financial foundation has been established, the work must be done to continue to implement and develop programs that best support their growth and development.”

The San Diego County Office of Education will forward their recommendation to the California Department of Education for final review.