SAN YSIDRO – San Ysidro School District has redesigned its website to include pop-up alerts on critical issues and a friendly navigation system that speeds community members to key information.

The District’s new site,, provides visitors with a calendar feature with details for school events, board meetings, district events and school schedules. Users can also find driving directions to the District office and a link to its Facebook page.

“We want our website to be the go-to source for information pertaining to our students,” San Ysidro School District Superintendent Dr. Julio Fonseca said. “We also want our website to provide information and resources for our community members, which is why we have provided job postings, information on the Parent Resource Center and board meetings.”

Parents can also visit the site for resources on kindergarten readiness and volunteering, information on joining the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and contact information for all staff members.

“Our aim is to improve communication with parents, students and community members,” San Ysidro Board of Education President Marcos A. Diaz said. “We now have a website that provides up-to-date information that will keep everyone informed.”

Visitors can also access the websites for all seven of the District’s individual schools from a drop-down menu on the District site.

“The biggest advantage is the way the new website is managed,” San Ysidro District Coordinator of Information Technology Rey Bautista said. “Our new system holds more content and loads faster because of our next-generation servers.”

All school websites and the District site can be translated into more than 60 languages.