SAN YSIDRO – Nearly 90 San Ysidro School District students entering seventh grade this fall are getting a jumpstart on the academic 2017-18 school year by studying algebra and geometry during summer break.

The goal of SYSD’s inaugural Summer Bridge Program – inspired by the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) college-readiness program – is to provide students with an opportunity to accelerate their math skills so they can later take Advanced Placement math courses in high school.

The Summer Bridge Program allows incoming seventh-graders to take their first semester integrated math class during summer break. When school resumes in August, these students will complete their second semester math class and, in spring 2018, they will complete their first semester eighth-grade math class.

“It’s remarkable how many of our students are planning ahead and thinking about how they can academically challenge themselves in high school and eventually college. I’m thrilled our District can provide these academic all-stars with the tools to be successful in their academic careers,” Superintendent Dr. Julio Fonseca said.

SYSD’s Summer Bridge Program runs June 12 through July 14. Students attend class for three hours Monday through Friday at either Ocean View Hills or San Ysidro Middle School.