Paramount, CA – Paramount Unified has assembled a team of 29 teachers, staff, parents and community members to expand learning opportunities for the District’s nearly 5,000 high school students.

Paramount’s High School Promise, which includes representatives from the District and El Camino Compton College Center, met Sept. 15 for its first strategy session.

“We want to find new ways to challenge our students and prepare them for a changing economy,” said Ryan D. Smith, Paramount’s assistant superintendent and a team member.

High School Promise will pull from a variety of resources to find innovative curriculum to inspire college and career preparedness. At the Sept. 15 meeting, members analyzed data on the fastest-growing jobs for graduates and the skills employers covet. They also shared a TED Talk from late educator Rita F. Pierson, who stressed the need to reach and engage underserved students.

The team will visit schools across the state to glean ideas. Later this month, members will visit High Tech High in San Diego and Del Lago Academy in Escondido. In November, the team will drop in at Da Vinci Schools in El Segundo and McBride High School in Long Beach.

“We’re building partnerships throughout the state with groups that share a common goal of creating the best future for our students,” Superintendent Ruth Pérez said. “An educator’s most important role is to first be a learner.”


100616_PARAMOUNT_PROMISE1: Paramount teachers, staff, parents and community members will meet regularly to discuss new ways to inspire high school students.

100616_PARAMOUNT_PROMISE2: Paramount’s High School Promise staff will visit campuses across California to discuss ideas for preparing students for college and career.