Paramount, CA – Nearly 300 Paramount High School students have clearer outlooks on their future after receiving new eyeglasses on Oct. 20, a service provided by Vision to Learn, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating vision issues as a barrier to education.

This is the second year Vision to Learn has distributed the eyewear, through a partnership with the District and the Paramount Rotary Club. PUSD elementary school students received free eyeglasses in 2016-17.

“Poor vision is a very real impediment in a child’s education, severely hindering the ability to comprehend lessons and greatly affecting self-esteem,” PUSD Superintendent Dr. Ruth Pérez said. “The District is fully committed to providing all available resources to assist our students with the greatest needs. We greatly appreciate the support from our community partners, especially Vision to Learn and the Rotary Club.”

After receiving an eye exam earlier in the year, Paramount sophomore Nathaly Carrillo was eager to try on her new glasses.

“The exam revealed that I needed a stronger prescription,” Carrillo said. “This program is very beneficial to a lot of students who can’t get glasses or can’t afford them. I am very thankful for this opportunity.”

Members of the Rotary Club worked alongside school nurses to administer vision screenings earlier this year. Students who required further treatment were visited at school by the Vision to Learn mobile eye clinic. Optometrists conducted full exams, wrote prescriptions and fitted students for the glasses. Recipients were able to choose their own frames.

After receiving their glasses, students were directed to Vision to Learn opticians, who were available to make necessary adjustments. The glasses come with a one-year warranty.

One in four adolescents in the U.S. suffers from common vision ailments that can be corrected with glasses. Studies show student who are provided with proper eyeglasses participate more in class, demonstrate better behavior and dramatically improve their self-confidence.


102317_PARAMOUNT_VISIONTOLEARN: Paramount High School students model their new eyeglasses on Oct. 20 when nearly 300 students received eyewear through a District partnership with nonprofit organization Vision to Learn.