Newly Adopted AUSD Math Textbooks Promote Student Learning, Provide Teacher Resources

After a rigorous selection process involving teachers, administrators and parents, Azusa Unified School District adopted two new math textbooks that will further support the learning of students of all backgrounds and levels as the District continues to enhance instruction under the new California Standards.

“We took into consideration the input of all of our stakeholders to ensure we adopted textbooks that would best fit the needs of our students,” AUSD Board of Education President Yolanda Rodriguez-Peña said.

The textbooks – Everyday Math for the elementary level and College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) for the secondary level – were distinguishable from eight other math textbooks due to universal access to materials and resources that support faculty, English language learners, students with special needs, and struggling and advanced students.

Websites for Everyday Math and CPM give educators online access to materials and workshops to incorporate effective teaching strategies and activities in the classroom. Free digital calculators will be available for students along with lesson specific videos, hotlines and hints to strengthen comprehension.

“We are dedicated to providing quality materials that maximize our student’s academic achievements and supply adequate resources for our teachers and parents to confidently educate our children,” Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Arturo Ortega said. “Our selection process was as thorough as possible to ensure that we made the best decision.”

A math committee was formed consisting of teachers from each grade level, including special education and English language learner teachers. Some math committee members have been piloting potential math programs since August, providing feedback and evaluations on the different curriculum.

They then participated in a five-day math evaluation and adoption program in early November. The first day focused on Common Core professional development to ensure that teachers gained a deeper understanding on the state standards to better evaluate math textbook materials and curriculum.

Over the next three days, the committee evaluated 10 textbooks, including ones being used in the current school year, using a rigorous five-part rubric that took into consideration standards for mathematical practice, technology support and organization of content.

They deliberated on each textbook based on a process involving a variety of factors, including rubric scores, grade levels and math curriculum and lessons. Everyday Math and CPM ranked higher than the other textbooks.

“I am thrilled that the District will offer a math curriculum that provides numerous support resources for teachers, parents and students,” Superintendent Dr. Linda Kaminski said. “We continually find ways to enhance our educational programs that will prepare and equip our students to thrive in the 21st Century.”

In addition to the math curriculum resources, the District will have the textbooks available for teachers in the spring, and provide training in the spring and summer to ensure that instructors have adequate time to review the new material and be prepared for the new school year. Continual training will be offered throughout the new school year for teachers and parents. A “one-stop webpage” will be available for parents, teachers and students, which will compile all links, videos, and resources to provide easier access to materials.


MATHCURRICULUM: Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Arturo Ortega leads a discussion with the math selection committee composed of Azusa Unified teachers.