MONTEBELLO – The Montebello Unified School District hosted a series of workshops at Suva Intermediate School for parents to learn how to help their children prepare for college.

The Parent to Parent program is a 10-lesson curriculum based on the Padres Promotores de la Educacion program at Santa Ana College. Catered to Montebello Unified, the program teaches parents more about college and career options – and trains them to teach other parents in a way that’s conducive to building a network of knowledge.

“Parents are Montebello Unified’s most important partners in raising academic achievement of all students, so it’s crucial that we provide them with tools they need to be active participants on their child’s pathway to college,” Montebello Unified Board President Benjamin Cárdenas said. “We are committed to fostering a learning community focused on preparing all students for college and career.”

Parents learn about school transitions, how to calculate their student’s GPA, high school graduation requirements, academic requirements to advance to University of California or California State University campuses, college options, financial literacy and how to support children attending college.

Superintendent Susanna Contreras Smith said it is particularly important for parents of elementary and middle school students to be exposed to these lessons early and often, so they can start coaching and planning before their children reach high school.

“We’re always working with the community to enhance resources, programs and services for all of our students and this is just another program in our tool box to make sure all students are prepared for higher education,” Contreras Smith said.

For information about future Parent to Parent workshops contact Alejandra Cortez, District Parental & Community Liaison, at 323-887-7900 ext. 7904 or