MONROVIA – Raucous cheering could be heard all around the Clifton Middle School campus as students, teachers and staff celebrated their newest California Gold Ribbon for the school’s Cub Academy, which provides an individualized support system for students based on their needs.

Announced April 18, the Gold Ribbon award recognizes California schools who have found success in implementing the academic content and performance standards adopted by the State Board of Education for all students.

Cub Academy is an intervention program driven by teachers during the last period of the day, where students in need of additional English or math assistance receive specific instruction to boost their scores on standardized tests, reading or math inventory scores and academic grades.

“We are proud to receive this honor on behalf of Monrovia Unified,” Clifton Principal Jennifer Jackson said. “Our students and teachers have worked hard to foster the best programs for our school, and their constant dedication truly shows.”

All other students, including those who have graduated from Cub Academy, can choose from a list of additional enrichment opportunities like athletics, engineering, event planning, cross stitching, astronomy, chess and creative free drawing, to name a few.

The Gold Ribbon is California’s highest academic award, created as a substitute to the Distinguished School Program to celebrate schools for model programs during rollout of the new California Standards. This year, the award honored 275 middle and high schools.

“It is really exciting to see our sixth school receive this prestigious honor,” Monrovia Unified Board President Bryan Wong said. “I continue to be impressed with the vision and effort of Clifton Middle School’s students, staff and leadership team. They will not rest until every student achieves at the very highest levels.”

Clifton will be recognized during an awards ceremony at the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel on May 15.

“Monrovia Unified’s schools are constantly excelling because of outstanding teachers and staff, dedicated parents and high-achieving students,” Monrovia Unified Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “We are so thankful for the support our schools have from the community, and Clifton’s Gold Ribbon is an indication of how that support pushes our schools to transcend boundaries.”