Paramount, CA – Paramount High School freshman Adamariz Badiloo had never shown her video production to more than a few people at once. So when more than 100 parents, teachers, students and customers of a Microsoft store stopped to watch her short film she felt immediate exhilaration.

Badiloo was one of 30 students of Paramount’s Career Technical Education (CTE) program who had their art digitally displayed during an art showcase hosted by Microsoft on April 15 that gave student artists exposure for their creativity.

“That was a really awesome feeling to have strangers watch something I created,” said Badiloo, who partnered with fellow freshman Jacob Quezada to create a fun video that represented school spirit. “Video production is something that I would like to pursue and this event encouraged me to share my work, and keep improving.”

The selected student artists featured in the event showcased in the categories of graphic arts, photography, and video. The projects were based on the theme of “Creativity is Paramount” and one winner from each category was selected by public voting.

Kassandra Ramirez (graphic art), Samantha Ponciano (photography) and Daniela Alcala (video) were named winners though the exceptional collection of works included anti-bullying messages, scenic photography and graphic portraits. Senior Gerardo Garcia helped create a music video and demo reel, which he said helped him gain experience as he heads to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts this fall.

Paramount’s CTE program integrates core academic curriculum with technical and occupational knowledge. Microsoft has been a partner of the program for the past year and serves on the CTE Advisory Committee.

“Our partnership with Microsoft has been instrumental in giving our students the outlets they need to express their talent,” Director of Secondary Education Dr. Greg Francois said. “As one of our CTE teachers is fond of saying: ‘art is meant to be seen.’ We want to give our scholars every opportunity to showcase the work they produce.”

“I’m so proud of all of our students for producing exceptional work and then having the courage to share it with the world,” Paramount Superintendent Ruth Pérez said. “Our CTE Program is constantly pushing our children to take on new challenges and it’s allowing them to grow in new and exciting ways.”

042717_PARAMOUNT_CTEARTSHOW1: Thirty student artists of Paramount’s Career Technical Education (CTE) program had their art digitally displayed at a Microsoft store during an art showcase on April 15.

042717_PARAMOUNT_CTEARTSHOW2: Parents, teachers, students and customers of a Microsoft store gathered for an art show that showcased the work of Paramount High School students on April 15.