Lynwood – Lynwood Unified Board of Education President Alma-Delia Renteria has been appointed to the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC), a group of educators who advise the State Board of Education on matters related to curriculum and instruction.

Renteria was appointed by our Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon of the 63rd District. She has spent more than six years filling various roles in several school districts, including spending time as a math and science teacher, English instructor, and a digital learning coach. She currently writes for an education blog, La Comadre, and has served on the Lynwood Unified Board of Education since 2013.

“It’s a major honor to be able to have a hand in helping millions of students throughout the state to ensure they receive the best education possible,” Renteria said.

Renteria said her main goals are to support English language development resources and to expand technology integration into classrooms. Lynwood is one of many districts in California with a significant population of English Learners.

“Alma’s appointment is very unique to the commission because she brings the perspective of a school board president along with the experience of an educator,” IQC Executive Director Stephanie Gregson said. “She’ll also be able to provide valuable insight into the commission’s work on improving computer science standards since she’s a digital learning coach.”

The IQC has 11 committees that target specific goals pertaining to curriculum and instruction integration, including standards for computer science, English language arts/English language development, technology, physical education, math, health, assessment and accountability, history and social science.

Members of the IQC attend two-day meetings six times each year to review and discuss instructional materials that are being considered for adoption by the state. Renteria’s four-year term runs through October 2021.

“This appointment will be a major benefit to the State Board of Education because Alma is an exceptional educator; her years of experience now can help shape the minds of students throughout the state,” Lynwood Unified Superintendent Gudiel R. Crosthwaite said.


120617_LUSD_ICQ: Lynwood Unified Board of Education President Alma-Delia Renteria will strive to support English language development and expand technology integration as a newly appointed member of the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC).