Lynwood – Fourteen students and their parents created video games, phone applications and 3-D design this summer as part of a Lynwood Unified effort to spark interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career fields.

Kids-N-Technology, a North Carolina-based nonprofit, staged the training July 25 for students in grades five through 12. The event was hosted by the District African American Advisory Parent Council (DAAAPC), a group of about 100 Lynwood Unified parents who strive to prepare students for today’s workforce.

“I want to create video games and become president when I’m older,” Rosa Parks sixth-grader Adam Ransom said. “We need to know about technology because more jobs use it – this is getting us ready.”

Students used Scratch software to gift computer characters with breakdancing skills and program orange cats to meow as their parents followed along on their own computers to learn about the tools their children will use during the school year.

“I want my kids to be more advanced in computer technology so they can be prepared for the future,” said Kimberly Finney, who attended the training with her two children. “This is going to help them get into college and get jobs.”

DAAAPC parents also learned of other outlets to support their children, such as through this year’s expansion of the visual and performing arts supported by the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

“These summer trainings are integral to the success of our students,” Superintendent Paul Gothold said. “When they are able to get a glimpse into some of the software they will be using and projects they can create, that can transform their view on what career technical education pathway they might want to pursue in high school and college.”

Board President Alma-Delia Renteria said opportunities like the Kids-N-Technology program are important for students and parents.

“I want to thank DAAAPC for hosting such a wonderful event and allowing students to delve into the programs that will prepare them for college and careers.”


081116_LUSD_TECH1: Kids-N-Technology founder Jacquelyn Thomas led a July 25 program at the Lynwood Unified School District, traveling from North Carolina to teach students and parents how to create their own video games and designs.

081116_LUSD_TECH2: Will Rogers Elementary sixth-grader Julian Martinez helps Washington Elementary fifth-grader Aenaya Williams with a video game project during Lynwood Unified’s first Kids-N-Technology training session on July 25.