Will Rogers Elementary sixth-graders and Lindbergh Elementary fifth-graders managed to outlast their rival schools during Lynwood Unified School District’s 10-round elementary school Mathathon on March 18.

The week before, it was the third- and fourth-graders whose math skills were tested during a separate competition March 11. Helen Keller Elementary took first place among the third-graders and Lindbergh Elementary topped the fourth-grade competition.

Dedicated students with sharpened skills – and pencils – descended on the Firebaugh High School gymnasium for the event as exuberant cheerleaders waved flags and proud parents hoisted banners to show their spirited support.

“Lynwood Unified has conducted the Mathathon for more than 30 years. It is a traditional and much-anticipated event at the District,” Superintendent Paul Gothold said. “Not only does it highlight the academic skills of our students and the commitment of our instructors, it also brings the Lynwood community together in a special way.”

The event was emceed dynamically by Firebaugh High music instructor Alex Hernandez, who entertained the audience and led them in cheers throughout the evening.

Four students teams from each school sat at desks with pencils and index cards and looked intently at a screen projecting math problems, such as how many cups are in a two-gallon container. The students had 10 seconds to calculate the answer in their heads, then write the solution down on the card. Scorers collected the cards and tallied the results. The Mathathon also included a separate written section held in an adjoining room.

School pride was evident everywhere. Dressed in the blue colors of Will Rogers Elementary, sixth-grade parents Maria Campos and Ana Bautista held a handmade flag and cheered on students participating in the Mathathon.

“It’s a great experience for the kids and their parents,” Campos said.

Later, Campos shared a hug with another team mom as the Will Rogers team proudly held its first-place trophies aloft during the awards ceremony.

“I look forward to the Mathathon every year,” said Maria G. Lopez, LUSD Board President who, along with Board member Alma-Delia Renteria, was on hand to greet the winners. “The excitement radiating from students, teachers and parents alike epitomizes everything school should be – fun and challenging. We congratulate all who took part in this year’s competition. Everyone is a winner.”

All 12 District elementary schools were represented at the Mathathon, including Abbot, Helen Keller, Lincoln, Lindbergh, Lugo, Mark Twain, Marshall, Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Washington, Will Rogers and Wilson Elementary Schools. Lincoln and Marshall are K-5 schools, so they did not field sixth-grade teams.


MATHATHON1: Lynwood Unified held its annual Mathathon March 11 and 18 for third- through sixth-grade students.

MATHATHON2: Parents cheer on students during the Mathathon competition, an annual Lynwood Unified tradition.