WHAT: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will transfer control of Line 270 – a key bus route connecting students to Rio Hondo College – to Norwalk Transit and Foothill Transit.

Norwalk Transit will operate the southern section of the line, running from Norwalk to the El Monte Station and called Norwalk 7. Foothill Transit will operate the line from the El Monte Station north to Arcadia, called Foothill 270.

WHEN: Monday, June 27

DETAILS: Metro proposed the change due to low ridership in December 2015. A report released then said the 17-plus mile route carried an average of 29 passengers an hour, far less than Metro’s desired minimum of 50 passengers an hour.

Rio Hondo College students, faculty, staff, administrators and Board of Trustees members lobbied for retention of the line.

For information on the line change, contact Metro at 323.GO.METRO or at www.metro.net.