POMONA, Calif. – Pomona Unified parents and educators recently gathered at Harrison Elementary School for the third annual Readiness Conference, a program geared toward providing African American parents guidance on how to support the education of their children from birth to eighth grade.

To support the continued success of PUSD students, the mini-parent conference, sponsored by the Pomona Alliance of Black School Educators (PABSE) and Pomona Unified, provided information on the new Common Core State Standards, the Accelerated Reader program and locally available resources to promote literacy, math and overall student enrichment.

“This parent program is just one of many that we encourage PUSD families to engage in as it enables them to have a direct impact on their child’s development and learning,” said Board of Education member Adrienne Konigar-Macklin. “Our students deserve the very best education possible and building partnerships and relationships with our parents and entire community is critical to ensuring their bright futures.”

This year’s Readiness Conference took place Oct. 25 and aimed to teach parents skills and strategies to promote student readiness. Educators prepared hands-on activities and individual workshops by grade level. Speakers also emphasized the parental role in academic achievement through strong, nurturing home environments while reinforcing positive proactive parent/teacher relationships and promoting programs that respond dynamically to students and their parents for overall well-being and success.

Parents also received information on how to support a nutritious and healthy lifestyle, which is foundational for academic readiness.

“Our goal is to adequately prepare our parents for their child’s future and getting their children ready for the next level in their academic career,” said Harrison Elementary School Principal and PABSE President Shandria Richmond-Roberts. “With the help of our excellent instructors and staff, parents were able to gain newfound skills and strengthened those which they already had.”

Jointly, PUSD and PABSE have developed several programs that take place throughout the school year to provide students in all grade levels with resources and enrichment activities to ensure their success in school and career.

“It takes a whole community to help develop a whole child, and thanks to this collaborative partnership, we are able to provide students and their families the resources that will lead to academic success and achievement at PUSD,” said Superintendent Richard Martinez. “It’s exciting to see our parents join in these efforts and continue to be the inspiration and encouragement their children need.”