SOUTH WHITTIER – Families cheered as more than 350 students from South Whittier’s Graves Middle School celebrated a bittersweet milestone – the end of their middle school years and the beginning of their high school careers – during a special June 8 promotion ceremony.

Held at the Vic Lopez Auditorium at Whittier High School, the ceremony celebrated the achievements thus far of the eighth-graders, who were recognized with certificates of completion as they walked across the stage in front of their peers, teachers, and families and friends.

“We’re so proud to see our students complete this important step in their education, and we are excited to celebrate this accomplishment with them as they continue their trajectory toward college,” Principal Dr. Matt Fraijo said. “This is just the beginning for them and we can’t wait to hear about their future successes.”

Students who earned high GPAs during their time at the school were recognized as being on the Superintendent’s Platinum List or Principal’s Gold List. Students with perfect attendance were also recognized.

To encourage students to participate in eighth-grade activities, students must have a C or better as part of the school’s eighth-grade promotion policy. The school offers tutoring and intervention to help students meet requirements set by the policy. The structure has helped improve the school’s culture by encouraging all students to do their best with the support and guidance of staff.

“As I quickly approach my retirement from South Whittier, it warms my heart to be able to see this class celebrate all they have accomplished with the dedicated guidance of our teachers and staff and the support of their families,” Superintendent Gail Baxter. “These students have come so far and I am positive that they will face any challenges that come with perseverance and strength. We wish them all of the best.”


061417_SWSD_PROMOTION: Graves Middle School students celebrate the completion of their middle school careers at a promotion ceremony on June 8 at the Vic Lopez Auditorium.