POMONA – A group of students at Garey and Pomona high schools is testing a unique home-to-school 1:1 iPad program designed to allow students to take the school-supplied instructional tools home, ensuring that learning continues beyond the traditional classroom setting.

The two schools are the first comprehensive secondary schools in the Pomona Unified School District to launch such a program.

“Increasing access to technology and seamlessly integrating it into curriculum is essential to our students becoming successful 21st century learners,” said Pomona Unified Board of Education President Andrew Wong. “The ability to use 1:1 devices also gives them access to learning and technology anywhere, anytime – a key component to achieving digital literacy.”

The District purchased approximately 120 iPads for students and teachers in two writing proficiency courses at each site to use in class, where the curriculum is almost completely digital-based. The course provides the mostly freshmen students extra support in developing reading and writing skills.

“We were very deliberate in choosing this class because we wanted to see if it would impact student learning, academic achievement and student engagement, and it already has to a great degree,” said English Language Arts teacher specialist Danielle Donaldson-Lovette, who said there has been an increase in student engagement, attendance and grades.

Many District schools use iPads to enhance student learning, including La Verne Science and Technology Charter School, Pantera Elementary, which has a 6th-grade 1:1 iPad program, and Diamond Ranch High School, which uses iPads to support long-term English learners.

Pomona Unified plans to continue expanding digital devices and wireless access to cultivate blended learning environments, which will provide for more student-centered, personalized learning.

“Our robust technology programs are empowering students to maximize their full potential and better prepare for the future,” said PUSD Superintendent Richard Martinez. “This is yet another example of our efforts to bring technology and innovation into the classroom, putting digital devices into the hands of young learners and developing unique programs to benefit all PUSD students.”


IPADPROGRAM: Writing proficiency students use their digital devices as part of a home-to-school 1:1 iPad program designed to allow for instructional use outside of the traditional classroom setting.