FONTANA, CA – Fontana Unified School District’s Advanced Placement (AP) test-taking and passing rates reached six-year highs in 2017-18, reflecting a districtwide focus on boosting college readiness.

In 2017-18, 83 percent of FUSD students who completed an AP course also took the AP exam, the highest since 2012-13. In the same year, 56 percent of students who took an AP test passed one or more exam – also a six-year high for Fontana Unified. To pass, students must score at least a three out of five on the exam.

“Fontana Unified is committed to providing a rich, rigorous educational experience that prepares students for the academic and professional challenges of tomorrow,” Fontana Unified Superintendent Randal S. Bassett said. “The Advanced Placement program plays a key role in preparing students for higher education. We are proud of our students for their hard work and continued success in the AP program.”

The number of students who passed two or more AP exams also increased 3 percentage points from 2016-17. The District began tracking these numbers in 2016-17 when the state determined that earning a diploma and passing two or more AP exams is one of five ways for students to qualify as “college/career prepared.”

Fontana Unified’s five comprehensive high schools – A.B. Miller, Fontana, Henry J. Kaiser, Jurupa Hills and Summit – offer 25 AP traditional courses, collectively. Four additional AP courses are available through APEX Learning, the District’s online digital curriculum.

Jurupa Hills High School also offers a two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, which provides internationally focused, college-preparatory instruction. Students who earn the IB diploma can receive preferential admission and credit at many colleges and universities.

“We believe college readiness should begin early, so students are immersed in a college-going culture from elementary to high school,” said Miki R. Inbody, FUSD Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. “Through elementary college and career days, District college fairs and programs like No Excuses University, Advancement Via Individual Determination and Link Crew, we are ensuring students are prepared for the rigors of higher education.”


FUSD_ADVANCEDPLACEMENT: Fontana Unified’s Advanced Placement (AP) test-taking and passing rates reached six-year highs in 2017-18. Fontana Unified offers 25 traditional AP courses as part of its efforts to promote college readiness.