EL MONTE – El Monte Union students showcased their award-winning artwork and diverse artistic styles – from portrait and collage to still-life and free-form – at the District’s 18th annual District Art Show on Oct. 25 at South El Monte High School, where more than 300 student-art pieces were on full display for the community to admire and enjoy.

The exhibition – which featured 314 pieces from students across the District’s seven schools – included 235 submissions that earned first-place awards and accolades at the Los Angeles County Fair Arts Competition in September. Student artists received certificates of recognition from the District for their outstanding work in a variety of genres, including drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design and creative writing.

“We are so proud of our student’s growth in the field of visual arts and it’s getting better every year,” SEMHS art teacher Maria Davila said. “The District generously provides our teachers with the resources they need to assist students in their development, and the community is extremely supportive of what we do.”

Oil, pastel, ink, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic and computer-generated graphics were among the media used to create illustrated works. Colorful ceramic pieces demonstrated a mastery of working in multi-dimensional forms, while poetry books, literary magazines and yearbooks highlighted graphic design and the written word.

SEMHS junior Katherine Bang used digital animation to create a six-piece, anime-themed work, titled “Phobias.”

“The art classes have helped me shape my technique and sharpen my focus on subject matter that really inspires me,” Bang said. “I would recommend it to any student. Even if you have never created art, our teachers are so helpful in encouraging you to put your style together and find the unique artist inside you.”

Since 1999, El Monte Union has recognized student excellence in visual arts through the District Art Show, working diligently to augment a robust arts program by expanding courses, developing summer workshops and cultivating an arts culture at each of the schools, instilling a passion for the arts.

The Arts for All District aims to ensure each student’s success in his or her highest academic and personal aspirations through the use of creativity and innovation. The L.A. County Fair honors help to recognize each student’s contribution to the District’s artistic achievements.

“A robust arts program is crucial to a student’s well-rounded educational development. When students have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, it greatly enhances their ability to employ critical thinking while expanding their problem-solving skills,” EMHUSD Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga said. “To prepare our children for 21st century technologies and careers, we must encourage imagination and innovation, and El Monte Union is fully committed to doing so.”


103017_EMUHSD_ARTSHOW1: El Monte Union High School District Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga congratulates Arroyo High School student Valerie Morales after she received a certificate of recognition from the District during the 18th Annual El Monte Union student art show, held at South El Monte High School on Oct. 25. The show highlighted the work of more than 300 EMUHSD students, including 235 submissions that earned accolades at the L.A. County Fair Arts Competition in September.

103017_EMUHSD_ARTSHOW2: South El Monte High School junior Katherine Bang poses next to her six-piece anime-themed work “Phobias” at the 18th Annual El Monte Union student art show, held at South El Monte High on Oct. 25. The art show represented a diversity of styles and techniques in a variety of genres, including drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design and creative writing. Bang employed digital animation to create her pieces, while other artists used oil, pastel, ink, charcoal, watercolor and acrylic for their illustrated works.