For Immediate Release July 23, 2014
Contact: Valerie Martinez, Maritza Fairfield (909) 445-1001

Lynwood, Calif.After undergoing 12 months of extensive construction and renovation work that included the removal of several outdated portable classrooms, Washington and Lincoln elementary schools’ new two-story buildings are now completed, with remaining site work expected to conclude next month.

“I’m so excited to see the progress that has been made at these two schools, and I can’t wait to see the look on students’ faces when they walk onto their new campuses on the first day of school,” said LUSD Board of Education President Briseida Gonzalez. “It has been a lot of hard work to get to this point, but it is well worth it to ensure that we provide our students with the best learning environments possible.”

Washington Elementary removed 29 portable classrooms, which were replaced with two, two-story buildings, each featuring eight classrooms. At Lincoln Elementary, 17 portable classrooms were replaced with one, two-story building with 14 classrooms. Both sites include new parking lots, and the new buildings are equipped with elevators, staff and student restrooms and security cameras.

Classrooms have been installed with marker boards, projector mounts, ceiling tile, vinyl tile flooring and cabinetry. Bathrooms in the new buildings have been installed with ceramic tile, plumbing fixtures and toilet partitions.

Lincoln will receive additional site work, including a new playground and swing set, an automatic maintenance entry gate and a baseball backstop, extending the initial completion date of July to August.

Additional work that will continue until just before the start of school on Aug. 25 includes landscaping, exterior fencing, asphalt play and pavement areas and construction of concrete disability ramps. Other District projects that are ongoing throughout the two sites include exterior painting of buildings, asbestos and lead remediation work and roof replacements.

Work that may continue into the first few weeks of the new school year includes the installation of turf areas, which will be blocked off to students in an effort to let the seed take root.

Utilizing funds from the voter-approved $93 million Measure K bond, the combined cost of both projects is approximately $28 million, with about half of the cost being funded with state matching funds.

Teachers will begin moving into their new classrooms starting the week before school starts.

“One of the tenets of Lynwood Unified is to provide our students with safe and high-quality educational environments that are conducive to learning, and these improvements to the school facilities are imperative to meeting that goal,” said Superintendent Paul Gothold. “We hope that the Lynwood community, whose unwavering support has enabled us to meet the needs of our students, is pleased with the vast enhancements that have been made.”


CONSTRUCTION1: The exteriors of Washington and Lincoln elementary schools’ new two-story buildings were recently completed, with remaining site work, including landscaping, expected to conclude next month.

CONSTRUCTION2: Classrooms at Washington and Lincoln schools are installed with marker boards, projector mounts, ceiling tile, vinyl tile flooring and cabinetry.

CONSTRUCTION3: The Washington and Lincoln campuses are in the process of receiving new concrete disability ramps leading to the main administration buildings.