BUENA PARK, CA – Students from Gordon H. Beatty and Buena Park middle schools stood tall and proud, adorned with colorful leis and their best apparel as they celebrated the end of their Buena Park School District academic journeys with two spirited and emotional promotion ceremonies.

The ceremonies, held at Buena Park High School’s stadium on May 31, saw the promotion of 189 Beatty Middle School and 246 Buena Park Middle School eighth-graders. The promoting students were cheered on by hundreds of visiting parents, friends and family members.

Beatty School’s Distinguished Student Award winners Trinity K. and Yejun L. will attend Sunny Hills High School and Troy High School, respectively. Both said that Beatty School and the District has prepared them for any academic and social challenges that they might face in high school, college and beyond.

“Gordon H. Beatty Middle School taught me to be a more confident and outspoken person,” Trinity K. said. “My time at Buena Park School District taught me how to persevere, no matter what the challenges.”

Buena Park Middle School’s Distinguished Student Award winner Daniela V-R. thanked her teachers for always giving her opportunities to better herself and learn new skills. She said the lessons she learned at Buena Park School District will serve her well when she attends Buena Park High School.

Alex C., Buena Park Middle School’s second Distinguished Student Award winner, said he is deeply interested in robotics and cannot wait to attend Troy High School.

Following the ceremonies, family members and friends celebrated and gave cheerful hugs to the middle school alumni while showering them with balloons, flowers and other treats.

“Our Beatty and Buena Park middle school students have worked tirelessly over the years to reach this significant milestone, and their hard work and dedication have paid off,” Interim Superintendent Dr. Yvette Cantu said. “We are incredibly proud of their achievements and look forward to seeing them continue to excel in the years ahead. This event marks the beginning of a new chapter in their academic and personal lives, and I know that they will go on to achieve even greater success in all their future endeavors.”


PROMOTION1: A Buena Park Middle School alum holds gifts, including an old photo of himself as a pre-school grad, during his eighth-grade promotion. Gordon H. Beatty and Buena Park middle schools held their in-person promotions on May 31 at the Buena Park High School stadium.

PROMOTION2: Gordon H. Beatty Middle School alum Trinity Kim receives the Distinguished Scholar Award at her eighth-grade promotion in recognition of her leadership, citizenship and scholarship throughout middle school.

PROMOTION3: Buena Park Middle School students celebrate their eighth-grade promotion with a hug while being met with cheerful messages, music and applauding teachers and family members during their school’s promotion ceremony.