LA PUENTE, CA – Don Julian Elementary fifth-grader Chelsea Rico joined her classmates in waving flags, shaking pompons and shouting college chants through tiny megaphones during the school’s annual College Colors Day Parade on Aug. 31.

Rico wants to study veterinary science at UC Davis and credits Don Julian’s college-bound culture for spurring her interest in attending a university.

“College-bound is when you do your work, never play around in class and you always listen to your teacher,” Rico said.

Transitional kindergarten students through fifth-graders from 19 classes marched on the Don Julian playground, wearing the apparel and colors of their homeroom college and holding signs representing their college graduation year: “Class of 2029” for fifth-grade students to “Class of 2034” for kindergartners.

Don Julian, a No Excuses University School, teaches students at an early age about college-readiness and hosts pep rallies to instill excitement around higher-education. College Colors Day is a national celebration that commemorates school spirit and encourages campuses across the country to motivate students to learn more about colleges and universities.

“There are so many Don Julian students who are already choosing their college of the future through the support of our college-going environment,” Principal Martha Arceo said. “It’s exciting to see our students create their goals early and we are dedicated to supporting their dreams.”

Don Julian students represented multiple colleges, including USC, UC Berkeley, University of Illinois and Tecnológico de Monterrey.

“Bassett Unified is committed to helping all our students reach their potential as they develop into lifelong learners with the skills to achieve their goals and become the leaders of tomorrow,” Interim Superintendent Debra French said. “Don Julian has done such an excellent job of preparing students not just for the rigors of secondary education, but also for a future where they can fulfill their dreams.”


092117_BASSETT_COLLEGECOLORS1: Don Julian Elementary fifth-graders representing Chico State University display their college-bound pride with a school chant during Don Julian’s annual College Colors Day parade on Aug. 31.

092117_BASSETT_COLLEGECOLORS2: Don Julian Elementary students raise the flag of Biola College during the school’s annual College Colors Day parade on Aug. 31. Students from 19 classes – transitional kindergarten through fifth-grade – participated in the event.