LA PUENTE, CA – Edgewood Academy hosted a week-long series of grade-specific Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) workshops for families to support their children’s education at home by reinforcing classroom instruction through hands-on activities with reading, writing composition and other subjects.

Families were also taught how to analyze academic performance data to guide them in how to provide support in their children’s studies.

Sara Rodriguez said the workshop helped her understand how to better help her grandson, third-grader Alexander Rodriguez, in his academics.

“I now know how to help beyond just tutoring him on assignments,” Rodriguez said. “I’m going to try to do more activities with him and have him spend less time watching television.”

Families received specific instructions from kindergarten through grade eight. For example, third-grade parents and grandparents took home reading passages to increase the children’s reading fluency level. The family members were encouraged to create a graph, charting the children’s progress, while explaining vocabulary words and pronunciation errors.

At the end of each workshop, families wrote a goal for their children to achieve by the end of the trimester, such as reading 100 words per minute.

Each Bassett Unified school hosts an APTT workshop series once a trimester. The District formed APTT during the 2015-16 school year to provide resources to families to increase student achievement. Teachers are able to personalize workshops to target specific skills and also help families understand student performance data to better address the student’s needs.

“It is very encouraging to see so many families interested in learning how they can be more involved in their children’s success at school,” Superintendent Dr. Alex Rojas said. “Our students’ families are our greatest support, and I am proud that our District is able to provide a way to help families strengthen the support from home.”


101216_BASSETT_APTT1 : An Edgewood Academy third-grade teacher reviews Language Arts requirements and activities to support reading comprehension from home at an Academic Parent Teacher Team meeting Oct. 5.