LA PUENTE, CA – Jessica Estrada, an English language development (ELD) and intervention teacher at Nueva Vista Continuation High School, was named Bassett Unified School District’s 2016-17 Teacher of the Year during a special presentation on May 9.

“I am so grateful for all of the support I have received in Bassett, which is helping me grow as an educator,” Estrada said. “I have been given the opportunity to pursue individualized learning for all students, learn their strengths and weaknesses, dreams and aspirations. We want our children to be resilient.”

Estrada, who joined Bassett as an elementary teacher in 2013 and moved to Nueva Vista the following year, is known for forging strong connections with students and implementing successful programs.

She runs the ELD program and assists Nueva Vista students with their credit recovery. Her teaching methods include public speaking and shooting videos in front of a green screen – allowing students to critique themselves and study their body language.

She initiated a student leadership class in 2015, creating opportunities for student personal growth, community involvement and school improvement, including mentoring nearby elementary school students and creating care packages for active duty servicemen and women.

“I encourage my students to be proactive, to make things happen on their own, as opposed to waiting for their lives to change,” Estrada said. “By performing outreach within the community, and becoming mentors, Leadership students are constantly moving forward and growing as people.”

Nueva Vista is a continuation high school designed for students between ages 16 and 18 who are credit deficient but still working toward on-time high school graduation. It offers direct instruction on a seven-period day and online credit recovery.

“Thank you, Jessica, for being dedicated to our students’ achievement and bringing programs that enhances their education,” Interim Superintendent Debra French said. “Our District values the partnership we have with our teachers in guiding our students on a pathway to success.”


061317_BASSETT_TOY: Nueva Vista High School teacher Jessica Estrada (right) was named Bassett Unified School District’s 2016-17 Teacher of the Year during a special presentation on May 9. Also pictured: Nueva Vista High School principal Gabriel Fernandez (left).