LA PUENTE, CA – More than 100 Bassett Unified middle and elementary school students eagerly fired off countless questions about Bassett High School programs and activities during a leadership training day hosted by Bassett High Associated Student Body members.

The “Heart of Leadership” event on May 12 prepared students from Edgewood Academy, Don Julian Elementary and Torch Middle schools for high school leadership roles by showcasing activities and programs run by the high school’s ASB team.

“I see how coming to Bassett High and joining ASB can be a great way to help other students because all of the activities they offer,” Torch Middle School eighth-grader Sergio Torres said. “I especially liked the outreach committee since all the members were really nice and they were all very outgoing.”

Forty-three ASB members, along with ASB adviser Christina Topjian, hosted tours of Bassett High and presented on the responsibilities of ASB’s eight committees, including fundraising for trips, promoting school events and recognizing student achievement.

Members also explained how the leadership skills that the students will gain while participating in school organizations help to build self-confidence and their dedication will impress potential colleges.

“I think we really helped some of the students decide whether or not they want to participate in ASB,” Bassett High senior Julia Santiago said. “This event was great because it showed incoming students what Bassett Unified has to offer at the high school level.”

Students were also treated to an assortment of activities, including dressing up and taking a series of photos to create a photo flip book, creating posters for promoting mock campus parties and crafting awards to take home for their family members and friends.

The event culminated a series of lunchtime trips from the Bassett High ASB members to Edgewood Academy, Van Wig Elementary, Sunkist Elementary, Don Julian Elementary and Torch Middle schools throughout April.

“We are very proud of Bassett High’s ASB members for giving our young leaders a first-hand look at the exciting opportunities that await them in high school,” Interim Superintendent Debra French said. “We believe that events like this are perfect for encouraging younger students to continue their academic journey at Bassett Unified.”


06012017_BASSETT_LEADERSHIP1: Edgewood Academy eighth-grader Jesus Ortiz and sixth-grader Andrea Moreno don funny apparel and props to create a short photo flip book at the Heart of Leadership event on May 12. The event was hosted by Bassett High School’s ASB members to build elementary and middle school student interest in continuing their education within the Bassett Unified School District.

06012017_BASSETT_LEADERSHIP2: Bassett High School ASB members talk to a group of students from Torch Middle School and Edgewood Academy about the responsibilities handled by the club’s recognition committee. Afterwards, visiting students decorated awards to give to their friends, teachers and family members.