BALDWIN PARK – Baldwin Park Unified will host its sixth annual Youth Film Festival from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, March 3, showcasing seven short films and five experimental projects by students at Baldwin Park, Sierra Vista and North Park Continuation high schools.

The 12 films were selected from among 20 entries from students, including those in media arts programs at Baldwin Park and Sierra Vista high schools. All 12 will be screened during Friday’s event, which will be held at the Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center, 4640 Maine Ave., Baldwin Park.

“The students of Baldwin Park Unified possess great imagination, a potent brand of storytelling that runs throughout these wonderful and creative films,” said Linda Brizuela, a Baldwin Park High School English language development teacher who is overseeing this year’s festival.

The short films, which run from five to 10 minutes, will be awarded prizes for first, second and third place. The best short film will also receive an award. During the March 3 screening, audience members will vote for a fan favorite.

Here are the entries:

Short films

  • “Genre Juice”: Baldwin Park High student Fernanda Moran tells the story of a bored, average teenage boy who finds a juice that takes him on an unexpected adventure.
  • “Purple Hearts of Encouragement”: Baldwin Park High student Stella Acosta presents the true story of a survivor after a brutal attack on May 31, 2014.
  • “Love”: Sierra Vista student Chancee Phonsuk details the different types of loves, how they differ and how they shape you.
  • “The Backup”: Sierra Vista student Aaron Tann tells of a backup quarterback who must learn what it takes to be the leader of the team.
  • “The Rise of Po”: Baldwin Park student filmmaker Josue Becerra and writer Emilio Estrada craft a quirky comedy about a group of teenage boys who must destroy an evil that lurks in their neighborhood.
  • “The Escape:” Sierra Vista student Crystal Auduong takes viewers on a Southern California adventure with an overwhelmed teenage girl who decides to take a day off.
  • “Good Boy”: Sierra Vista student Jailene Bojorquez relates the story of a little dog who runs away from home and the heart-broken teenager who searches for him.

Experimental projects

  • “Liar”: Sierra Vista student Maria Hupio demonstrates a girl’s spiral through depression, despair and survival.
  • “Simple and Tasty”: Baldwin Park High student Marc Santellanes teaches his audience a thing or two in this unique take on an internet cooking show.
  • “What We Were, Who We Are”: Sierra Vista student Sandra Hernandez demonstrates the small things that bring joy to one’s life.
  • “Forever and a Day”: North Park student Luis Cuevas offers a shocking ending.
  • “Love Is”: Sierra Vista students Danny Martinez answers the question of what “Love Is” through a variety of striking images of his own creation. Note: If you are sensitive to flashing lights or experience photosensitivity, this film may induce potential symptoms.

“Our annual film festival celebrates the thrilling power of creation, when students take a vision and an idea and translate them to a medium where they can stir the emotions and create change,” Superintendent Froilan N. Mendoza said. “Their achievement lies at the center of what we strive for as educators.”

Tickets for the screening are $5.