BALDWIN PARK – The Governing Board of Education held its annual organization meeting on Dec. 6, selecting Christina Lucero as president of the Board of Education for another term, marking her second consecutive year.
Teresa I. Vargas will join Lucero as clerk/vice president, succeeding Board Member Carlos Lopez, who served in the capacity for a one-year term. Board Member Santos Hernandez, Jr. continues in his second year as a member.
A brief reception was held to honor outgoing Board Member Blanca Estela Rubio, who was elected in November to the California State Assembly and officially announced her resignation from the Board.
The Board will proceed with the process for a provisional appointment to select a new member by Feb. 13. The new member will complete the remainder of Rubio’s term. A notice of vacancy will be posted by Dec. 19 along with a candidate application. Candidates will be screened and interviewed in January.