A tight-knit group of Paramount Elementary School parents learned about college and university entrance requirements, financial aid and scholarship resources, and their children’s transition to middle school through a parent-led program that empowers families to be engaged partners in the education of their children.

The program, named Families in Schools, informed parents on how to best support their children’s goals from elementary school and beyond through four workshops conducted in March and April.

Paramount Elementary parent Marcela Enriquez volunteered to become a parent lead for the workshops to help teach the curriculum with a District community liaison and engage more parents in the program. She has a fourth-grader and twin kindergarteners.

“The program taught me how to help my children become successful in middle school,” Enriquez said. “I want to bring more parents to the program so that they can learn the same skills to be engaged in their children’s education.”

Parents learned about state testing, how to support their children’s transition to the next level in their education and how to guide their children in their university and career choices. Topics also focused on parenting strategies to navigate the changes from their children’s adolescent to teenaged years. Parents engaged in round-table discussions on each workshop topic, discussing their experiences at school and the new ideas and resources they learn about through the program.

“It’s wonderful to see our parents helping each other and taking an active leadership role in our schools,” Azusa Unified Board of Education President Yolanda Rodriguez-Pena said. “Having a strong community of engagement within our schools will only increase the achievements our students can attain.”

Paramount is one of eight Azusa Unified schools offering the Families in Schools program. Other participating schools are: Azusa High School, Slauson and Center middle schools, and Gladstone Street, Lee, Murray and Valleydale elementary schools.

“Azusa Unified is grateful to have a valuable partnership with our teachers, staff and parents,” Superintendent Dr. Linda Kaminski said. “Families in Schools is a wonderful example of the dedication and investment our District has in the futures of our students.”


FAMILIES1: Paramount Elementary School parents graduated from the District-wide Families in Schools program April 8, which hosts workshops and provides resources to parents on how to best support their children’s goals and successes from elementary school and beyond.

FAMILIES2: Azusa Unified Community Liaison Leticia Rosas (center) co-leads the Families in School program with Paramount Elementary Parent Marcela Enriquez (right). Parent volunteers take workshops to teach the program curriculum before teaching the classes.

FAMILIES3: Paramount Elementary School parents review information on college and financial aid before participating in round-table discussions in the Families in Schools program. Parents learn about requirements for entry into college and universities, and how to file for financial aid and scholarships.