Azusa, CA – Azusa Unified School District is embarking on a challenge to increase breakfast participation while promoting the environmental benefits of recycling through a new partnership with JUST Water.

Beginning Sept. 6, students who participate in the USDA funded school breakfast program will receive a free JUST Water bottle every Monday and Wednesday, which they will be able to refill throughout the day and ultimately toss in specially-marked recycling bins. The paper-based packaging of the JUST Water bottle is made up of 82 percent renewable resources and contains 100 percent spring water.

On March 24, 2017, District officials will determine which school has had the highest breakfast participation rate by counting how many JUST Water bottles have been recycled. The winning school will be rewarded with a celebrity visit.

“By partnering with JUST, we are showing students how to reduce the environmental impact of plastics while funding our local initiatives,” Superintendent Dr. Linda Kaminski said. “We look forward to seeing the effects of its impact.”

Principals at all Azusa Unified schools will select five student ambassadors to promote the Just Water breakfast program with the hope that efforts will inspire students to eat breakfast and adopt healthier beverage consumption habits.


JUSTWater: Azusa Unified students enjoy bottles of JUST Water during lunchtime on Aug. 30, a week before the District begins offering free bottles to students on Mondays and Wednesdays if they are enrolled in the USDA school breakfast program.