EL MONTE – Wright Elementary School sixth-grader Christopher Talavera learned how to find his spark of creativity during an interactive presentation from children’s book author Jessie Janowitz on the art of storytelling for more than 200 students in grades four through six on Sept. 24.

Janowitz is the author of two children’s books, “The Doughnut Fix” and the sequel, “The Doughnut King.” During her presentation, she used examples of how normal, everyday events sparked her writing career.

“I want students to understand that storytelling is a critical skill,” Janowitz said. “Storytelling is a super power.”

Talavera said he realized his daily walks home with his friends, when they joke with each other, can inspire his writing.

“My favorite part was listening to her story about the doughnut shop sign and how it was her spark of inspiration that helped her write two books,” Talavera said. “I learned that I can use my personal experiences as my own spark to write more and to also improve my writing.”

Janowitz travels the country, giving lessons on storytelling to students to boost their creativity and love of literature. She engages students with questions, personal anecdotes and examples of storytelling from well-known children’s books.

Wright Elementary set up the author visit through the Once Upon A Time Bookstore, which provided signed copies of Janowitz’s books for the school’s library.


EMCSD_AUTHORVISIT1: Children’s book author Jessie Janowitz helps students “find their spark” of inspiration during her interactive presentation on storytelling at Wright Elementary for students in fourth through six grades on Sept. 24.
EMCSD_AUTHORVISIT2: Children’s book author Jessie Janowitz talks to students about what inspires them to write, and what books they like to read during a lesson on storytelling at Wright Elementary on Sept. 24.