POMONA – In its continuing efforts to bolster services provided to students and their families through community collaborations, the Pomona Unified School District has forged a new partnership with 7-Eleven, which donated $7,011 during a check presentation ceremony on Dec. 11. The funds will support the District’s mental health program.

“On behalf of the school board, students and school community, I would like to thank our local 7-Eleven business leaders for helping us make a difference in the lives of those we serve. We can’t do the important work we do without the community behind us,” said Board of Education member Dr. Roberta Perlman. “It is an honor to be bestowed such a wonderful donation, as well as celebrate a new ally in our mission to provide students with a quality education.”

Pomona 7-Eleven franchise owners, who have committed to being regular contributors to the District’s charitable foundation, PUPIL, were present at the festive event held at the international convenience chain store’s franchise on Murchison Avenue.

Corporate representatives from 7-Eleven and Cortez Elementary Math and Science Magnet School cheerleaders, band members and basketball players were also on hand to celebrate the gift and new community alliance.

“This union is an effort to support our community and students, who are the future leaders of the world,” said franchise owner Manjit Singh, who contributes to Pomona High School and spearheaded the coalition. “We are proud to be a part of this community, and we will do anything we can to support the success of the children in it.”

The donation will go to the District’s Family Support & Resource Center, which supports PUSD students and families with a variety of services and referrals that address mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, health care and housing.

The nine franchise owners – including Annette Durham, Bhimsi Karmur, Brinderjit Dhillon, Adnan Khan, Sukhdev Vasisht, Dilip Bhavani, Foroshani Mooshang and Gurbachan Juneja – have supported the Pomona schools nearest to their individual stores through sponsorships, scholarships and more.
“I’m so proud of the entire group’s effort to come together and support what Pomona Unified does to create a strong foundation for the next generation,” said Durham, who owns the store near Cortez Elementary.

The owners will continue their support of the District through donations to the Pomona Unified Partners in Learning (PUPIL) Foundation, which was created to raise funds to ensure the continued success of all PUSD students.

“It takes a village to make a difference in the lives of our students, and the spirit and charitable nature of this community is the glue that keeps us together,” said PUSD Superintendent Richard Martinez. “At Pomona Unified, our vision is to foster coalitions and partnerships with our community members, which are critical to helping our students achieve academic and personal success. I want to thank our newest partner for its support.”


7ELEVEN1: Pomona 7-Eleven franchise owners present a $7,011 donation to Pomona Unified and its charitable foundation, Pomona Unified Partners in Learning (PUPIL), which will go to District’s Family Support & Resource Center on Dec. 11.

7ELEVEN2: Pomona Unified Superintendent Richard Martinez celebrates the new partnerships with Pomona 7-Eleven franchise owners, who stand behind him in support, on Dec. 11.