Bellflower Unified families:

On Feb. 1, Bellflower Unified made available to our community the 2015-16 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC), a comprehensive summary of the performance and conditions of each of our public schools.

We encourage all families to review the information for your school. The report card is available for review at your school and electronically on your school website and on the state Department of Education website.

In addition to general school information, the report cards provide details about these key topics:

A. Conditions of learning

  • Teachers with full credentials, miss-assignments and vacancies (multi-year)
  • Core subject classes taught by highly qualified teachers (2015-16)
  • Quality, currency and availability of textbooks and instructional materials (2016-17)
  • School facility good repair status (October 2016)
  • Overall facility rate (October 2016)

B. Pupil outcomes

  • State standardized test results in English language arts, math and science (multi-year)
  • California Physical Fitness Test Results (2015-16)

C. Engagement

  • Opportunities for parent involvement (2016-17)
  • Suspensions and expulsions (multi-year)
  • School safety plan (2016-17)

D. Other SARC information

  • Federal intervention program status (2016-17)
  • Average class size and class size distribution, by grade (multi-year)
  • Academic counselors and other support staff (2015-16)
  • Expenditures per pupil and school site teacher salaries (2014-15)
  • Types of services funded (2015-16)
  • District teacher and administrative salary levels (2014-15)

Thank you for your ongoing support of our many terrific Bellflower Unified schools.


Superintendent Dr. Brian Jacobs