WHITTIER – Students from California High School were welcomed back to campus for the 2021-22 year with a surprise: a lively new mural, showcasing the school’s endurance and strength with its large, electric blue wings and Cal High blue and gold throughout.

The mural, painted by Cal High English and art teacher Mark Quintero over the summer, was a collaborative effort between him and his colleagues. Together, they focused on creating an art piece that inspired students and renewed the school’s spirit after a year of remote learning.

“I wanted to emphasize just how amazing it was that our students were finally able to return to campus and interact with their peers again after a year of remote learning,” Quintero said. “The idea is that we all have these obstacles, but eventually we find our way.

Students posed together to take pictures with the mural, which provided a conversation piece and a space for students to reconnect with their campus and reignite their school spirit.

Quintero, who has taught at the District for 18 years, has a longstanding passion for art – with a special interest in sculpting. Despite it being slightly outside his comfort zone, Quintero expanded upon his talents, ultimately making a positive contribution to the school community.

“It Is extremely important for our students to be a part of a positive school culture,” Principal Bill Schloss said. “I am proud of Mark Quintero and his colleagues for creating such a wonderful piece of art and boosting our school’s morale once again.”


WUHSD_MURAL1: Two Cal High Students take a picture between the electric blue wings of teacher Mark Quintero’s mural.