WHITTIER – California High School senior Justin Toyoshiba was struck with inspiration as he watched shopping shift online and home deliveries increase during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Equipped with coding skills developed in Cal High’s Advanced Placement Computer Science class, Toyoshiba designed Delivery Blitz – an interactive game that challenges players to complete an abundance of deliveries while overcoming obstacles along the way.

“With so many people now making purchases online, I think home deliveries have skyrocketed significantly,” Toyoshiba said. “I decided to turn this real-world issue into a quirky, fun game that includes challenging obstacles for people to complete.”

Toyoshiba applied his coding skills learned at Cal High, as well as talents in art and 3D modeling, to create Delivery Blitz’s virtual world. Through a program called Unity, Toyoshiba developed the physical aspects of the game, including the movements of the car and the layout of the city.

The app, which was brainstormed and developed over the course of six months, has become a hit amongst Toyoshiba’s peers.

“People seem to really be enjoying the game,” Toyoshiba said. “Even the people who thought it was really hard in the beginning have still found it fun – which gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

Delivery Blitz is available for download through the app store for iOS devices.

“We are extremely proud of Justin for his accomplishments in creating this app and applying the skills he has learned as a student here at Cal High,” Principal Bill Schloss said. “I am looking forward to seeing the success of his app and seeing how his passion inspires other students to challenge themselves and pursue their goals.”


WUHSD_TOYOSHIBA1: Senior Justin Toyoshiba has designed a game called Delivery Blitz, building on coding skills learned in his AP Computer Science course at California High School.

WUHSD_TOYOSHIBA2: California High School Senior Justin Toyoshiba works on his game Delivery Blitz, which challenges players to complete deliveries whilst dodging obstacles.