WHITTIER – Frontier High School is the recipient of the 2020 Exemplary Program Award from the California Continuation Education Association Plus (CCEA+), which is also honoring Frontier science teacher William Martin as its 2020 Teacher of the Year.

CCEA+, a state organization that promotes the development of quality continuation education and schools, is honoring the Model Continuation School for its Orientation program, launched in 2014 to provide new enrollees with the skills for a successful transition into Frontier. Martin is being honored for his leadership and dedication to student achievement.

“William Martin is a dedicated and devoted teacher, whose leadership skills and rapport with students and staff make him an invaluable member of Frontier,” Principal Margie Moriarty. “He is part of a talented team of educators who are all critical to Frontier’s success and growth in student achievement, and we are honored to recognized by the state for our efforts.”

Frontier and Martin will be recognized at the CCEA 2020 Vision, Making a Difference Together Conference in October.

“I’m living the dream and delighted to work at Frontier because of all the positive things we can do for our students,” said Martin, who has been at Frontier since 2013 and teaches biology, geoscience, math and business. “I would like to thank our principal, who fully supports Frontier staff, and the District for providing the resources that allow us the opportunity to do our best and make a difference in the lives of our students.”

Frontier serves students who are credit-deficient, have behavioral, social or emotional issues, or need extra academic support. Supported by the District’s Student Well-Being program, college and career advisers and counseling staff, the Orientation class aims to decrease student conflicts and give new students the tools to succeed.

Students explore character education, a connection to school and community life at Frontier, financial literacy, careers, consumer skills, responsible living, health, and the life-long learning skills necessary for a successful career at Frontier and the community.

Since its inception, the program has reduced student conflicts while boosting the number of students who are recognized as Top Producers for earning more than the minimum number of credits available during a quarter.

“It’s important that we communicate to the community that continuation school is a positive learning environment where students overcome challenges to become productive citizens,” Martin said. “Every student is different and works at their own pace. At Frontier, our mission is to ensure that our students receive the individual attention they need to succeed. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do this.”


061820_WUHSD_FHSRECOGNITIONS: The California Continuation Education Association Plus has honored Frontier High School science teacher William Martin as its 2020 Teacher of the Year. The state organization has also named Frontier as the recipient of the 2020 Exemplary Program Award for its Orientation program. Both will be honored at a conference in October.