WHITTIER – Whittier Union has announced the first phase of scheduled facilities upgrades and improvements from the $183 million Measure AA bond, passed by voters last November, providing structural relief and security enhancement for each of the District’s comprehensive high schools.

Roughly one-third of the bonds issued – $50 million – has been earmarked for 16 projects designed to modernize schools and District structures, improve energy efficiency, and provide increased access to technology. The initial round of improvements and construction, which began in January, is slated to proceed through June 2025.

“The Measure AA Phase 1 projects cover many of the pressing infrastructure needs throughout the District, combined with facilities projects that look towards the future and transform the community,” Whittier Union Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Kevin Jamero said. “Thank you to Whittier residents for supporting the District vision with the passage of Measure AA.”

Among the highlights from the first phase of construction are two new state-of-the-art swimming pools slated for California and La Serna high schools and renovation of Whittier High’s storied Vic Lopez auditorium.

The swimming pool projects will break ground in 2022, each with a two-year completion timeline. The renovation of Vic Lopez Auditorium will begin in September 2021, with an estimated completion date of October 2022.

At Santa Fe High School, the gym HVAC overhaul, which began in January, will be completed by August.

Additionally, the Whittier Aquatic Center at Pioneer High School – which is under construction – features a state-of-the-art facility with an Olympic-sized pool, a practice pool, locker rooms and classrooms. The aquatic center, which is funded by Los Angeles County and not Measure AA, will open in fall 2022 and host Pioneer students for swimming competitions.

The remainder of Measure AA Phase 1 projects will address much-needed upgrades and improvements such as roof repairs, interior lighting, air conditioning, security fencing and science lab renovations across the District. Sustainable synthetic turf will replace existing athletic field turf at Santa Fe, Whittier and La Serna high schools.

“The overwhelming support for Measure AA is a clear indication that Whittier Union has a mandate to make the necessary improvements to our schools and provide a nurturing and healthy academic environment for our children for years to come,” Superintendent Martin J. Plourde said. “Whittier Union is thankful to our community for its continued support and dedication to our scholars and their success.”

Below is a list of Whittier Union Measure AA Phase 1 projects, with estimated start and completion dates:

• Security fencing at Cal, Pioneer, La Serna, Whittier – Apr. 2021-Aug. 2021
• La Serna High structural overhang improvements – May 2021-Aug. 2021
• Districtwide roof repair – June 2021-June 2025
• Santa Fe High synthetic athletic field and upgrades – June 2021-May 2022
• Whittier High auditorium structural improvements – Sept. 2021-Oct. 2022
• Whittier High synthetic athletic field – Sept. 2021-Nov. 2021
• La Serna High synthetic athletic field – Dec. 2021-Feb. 2022
• Whittier High tennis courts/parking lot corrections – Jan. 2022-May 2022
• SEC science labs – Jan. 2022-Aug. 2022
• Pioneer High small gym HVAC – May 2022-July 2022
• La Serna High swimming pool – May 2022-May 2024
• Districtwide interior classroom lighting – June 2022-Sept. 2022
• Whittier High science labs – June 2022-May 2024
• Cal High swimming pool – Dec. 2022-Jan. 2025
• District performing arts theater – June 2023-June 2025