WHITTIER – When Whittier Union Adult School electrician student Ruben Alaniz was a child, he kept busy with building and fixing things around the house, loving the feeling he got after a job well done. As a general maintenance worker specializing in logistics for Tri-West Flooring in Santa Fe Springs, Alaniz has proven to be an indispensable employee looking to expand his skill set.

When Tri-West offered to pay for training to become a certified electrician, Alaniz leapt at the chance, enrolling in Whittier Union Adult School’s Electrician I and Math/Electrician classes with the goal of passing his apprenticeship application and pursuing a career as an electrician.

“Whittier Union Adult School’s Electrician I program is completely hands-on, which I love. My instructors are amazing. They work with you every step of the way to make sure you succeed. It’s never a struggle,” Alaniz said. “I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about learning the profession. I have told my friends about the class, and they are interested in joining too.”

Immersing himself in amperes, wiring, outlet switches and blueprints, Alaniz credits his instructors, Alfredo Salas and Lance Young, for making the curriculum relevant and easy to understand and for instilling confidence in their students.

“In Mr. Salas’ Electrician I class you begin by familiarizing yourself with the tools, and in two weeks you are doing hands-on work in the lab. With Mr. Salas, you never make a mistake,” Alaniz said. “In math class, Mr. Young makes it easy to learn the formulas. The administration is always there to help you with any service that you need.”

Alaniz had previously attended Cerritos College and studied collision repair, earning a certificate. However, Alaniz found the work unsatisfying; he eventually made his way to Tri-West, where his resourcefulness and intuition has served him well across the many duties he performs, including examining floor plans, racking, waterproofing and installation.

Now, Alaniz is laying the groundwork for a bright future. Once he has completed his electrician certification, Alaniz hopes to return to Whittier Union Adult School to take the plumbing and construction courses.

“We are thrilled to enroll top-notch students like Ruben Alaniz who are committed to improving their job value with their current employer,” Assistant Principal Juan Anzaldo said. “We also work with other current students who are looking to start an entirely new career altogether in a high-paying, stable career. Ruben is an asset to his company, his community and our school. It has been a privilege to work with such motivated students as Ruben.”

The Electrician I and Math/Electrician classes are designed to prepare students for the Apprenticeship Exam and interview at the Electrical Training Institute, as well as prepare students to locate other apprenticeships with local businesses.


WUHSD_ELECTRICIAN1: Whittier Union Adult School electrician student Ruben Alaniz will pursue a career as an electrician upon completion of the school’s program.