WHITTIER – Río Hondo College has been named a 2021 Equity Champion for Higher Education by the Campaign for College Opportunity, which recognized the College’s Associate Degree for Transfer program as an exemplary supporter of Latinx students.

Río Hondo College will receive the award during a virtual ceremony on Nov. 16, alongside other esteemed community colleges who support Black students, Latinx students, and Black and Latinx students through Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) programs. By earning an ADT, students meet all of the general education requirements at a four-year university and are guaranteed acceptance to a California State University.

“At Río Hondo, we invest in students and invest in the community,” Río Hondo College Dean of Counseling Lisa Chavez said. “Latinx is one of the largest growing communities in the United States and we want that community to thrive and flourish. By pursuing an ADT at Río Hondo College, students can go on to achieve a higher level of education and the benefits that come with that – like job stability, security and healthcare.”

In order to earn their ADT and begin the transfer process to a four-year university, Río Hondo College students partner with their counselors to create an education plan, attend state-wide university tours and review financial aid awards from their chosen schools. These services are especially helpful to members of the Latinx community who are first-generation college students or are unfamiliar with local universities.

“Everyone at Río Hondo College plays a role in student success,” Chavez said. “Our faculty provides mentorship that will help students choose their careers and prepare them for the college experience. With our help, Latinx students can see a future for themselves that they may not have seen. As we say in our Transfer Center, and at Río Hondo College, ‘Start Río, Transfer Anywhere!’”

In addition to educational assistance and college-career counseling, Río Hondo College also provides ‘Transfer Jitters,’ a program that helps students cope with transfer anxiety and separation from their families.

“At Río Hondo College, it is our mission to provide a strong college education foundation for our students and help them transfer to four-year colleges and universities,” Superintendent/President Teresa Dreyfuss said. “We are proud to have been named Equity Champions by the Campaign for College Community because it shines a light on the work we’ve done to encourage our Latinx population. We will continue to proudly support our Latinx students in their pursuit of knowledge and success.”