WHITTIER – Graduates of Río Hondo College’s Class of 2019 are pursuing their dreams of higher education at some of the best four-year universities in the state, with 970 students attending such universities as UCLA, UC Berkeley and Cal State Los Angeles.

Over 640 students enrolled at Cal State University campuses and 109 enrolled at University of California campuses in 2019-20, according to data recently released by the University of California Information Center and the California State University Data Center.

Overall, the number of students matriculating at the California universities and other four-year colleges has climbed 75% over the last 10 years.

“We are exceptionally proud of our Río Hondo students for going on to achieve their dreams at four-year colleges,” Superintendent/President Dr. Arturo Reyes said. “We wish them the best on the next step of their educational journey.”

At the UC level, 28 students are attending UCLA – currently ranked as the world’s top public university – while 218 students are enrolled at Cal State Los Angeles, 92 at Cal Poly Pomona and 75 at Cal State Long Beach.

Río Hondo students also enjoyed high acceptance rates at both systems. For example, of 1,130 students who applied to CSUs, 1,026 were accepted, achieving a 90% admittance rate. Of 211 students who applied to UCs, 165 were accepted, achieving a 78% admittance rate.

Information detailing the transfer class of 2020 will be available in spring 2021.