Paramount, CA – More than 700 Paramount High School students came together during a five-day Breaking Down the Walls event meant to encourage a campus culture of understanding, inclusivity and positivity.

Breaking Down the Walls is a program sponsored and led by the nonprofit organization Learning For Living, which seeks to create a thriving school culture where everyone works together to stay engaged, excited and empowered.

Paramount students participated in building exercises where they met several new peers through one-on-one activities and small groups. The activities facilitated conversations between students, built empathy and encouraged understanding.

“Through the program, Paramount students and staff were able to create a space where they came together and felt closer to one another,” said Shyana Frost, a Learning For Living representative. “The program exists to encourage students to be more inclusive and inviting of everyone on campus.”

Paramount High School Principal Christiana Kraus said the workshops deepened empathy among students.

“Our Pirates learned that we are better together and that we have far more in common with each other than we could imagine,” Kraus said. “We’re excited to put what we have learned into practice and build a stronger culture.”

The five-day event culminated in an all-school assembly where students reflected on stories they heard from one another, and shared how that encouraged them to be more inclusive and inviting of everyone on campus.

“Our District believes in promoting healthy student growth both academically and socially, and the Breaking Down Walls event reflects that commitment to our students,” Superintendent Dr. Ruth Perez said.


Paramount High School students built strong bonds through a Breaking Down the Walls event meant to create a thriving school culture.