Paramount, CA – Paramount resident Teresita Zamudio did not hesitate to enroll in a seven-week support workshop that would provide additional resources to help her children succeed in school.

As part of Paramount Unified School District’s inaugural Factor Parent Engagement Academy (PEA) class, Zamudio joined nearly 300 parents for graduation ceremonies held at Paramount Senior and Paramount West high schools on March 20 and 21.

“It really opened my eyes. High school is a very important time for our kids,” Zamudio said. “The Parent Engagement Academy showed us the best ways to stay connected to our kids so that we can help them succeed and realize their dreams.”

With flexible scheduling that included morning and afternoon sessions, PEA curriculum covered a wide range of topics that parents must familiarize themselves with – technology, A-G requirements, standardized testing, higher education and mental health.

“The Parent Engagement Academy is empowering families to work together and plan for success in college and career,” Paramount Unified Board President Vivian Hansen said. “The District will continue to provide the support and resources necessary to assist our families through a crucial period in their child’s academic development. Congratulations to our hard-working parents who are investing in the future of their children.”

PEA curriculum focused on college and career counseling, communication skills, healthy living, and providing a nurturing environment for their children.

“Sometimes as a parent, we work 8, 10, 12 hours a day. But we still need to make time to talk, at least 15 minutes a day,” PEA parent representative Miguel Aguirre said. “Ask your child ‘How was your day? How was school? Did you do your homework? Do you want me to help you with something?’ Just 15 minutes a day. Your child is going to remember that.”

The Parent Engagement Academy is sponsored by Families Acting Towards Results – FACTOR – which uses evidence-based curriculum to advocate for positive outcomes in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, helping parents better understand the challenges faced by their children, how to navigate the K-12 educational system, and increase parent knowledge of 21st century technologies.

“When one child succeeds, their success is our success, and when you achieve as a parent we also experience that success,” Paramount Unified Superintendent and PEA keynote speaker Dr. Ruth Pérez said. “I want to congratulate all of our parents for taking advantage of this opportunity to be a part of this collaboration. Many of you made great sacrifices to participate, but you are a stronger parent as a result of the knowledge you have acquired and your child will benefit greatly from it.”


040318_PARAMOUNT_PARENTACADEMY1: Nearly 300 parents celebrated graduating from Paramount Unified’s seven-week Factor Parent Engagement Academy (PEA) during ceremonies on March 20 and 21. The academy helped parents provide a nurturing environment for their children.

040318_PARAMOUNT_PARENTACADEMY2: Parent graduates pose during a ceremony that celebrated their completion of the seven-week Factor Parent Engagement Academy (PEA) on March 21.