MONROVIA – Mountain Park School, a K-12 tuition-free Independent Study School option provided by Monrovia Unified School District, offers flexibility to non-traditional students – some of whom are pursuing professional careers in acting or athletics.

Mountain Park exposes students to career pathways, extra-curricular programs, and early college opportunities that exist at Monrovia High School to help with college and career preparation. The school has a full curriculum that meets college admission requirements, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

“Our unique program provides solutions to the common concerns parents have about independent study such as cost, socialization, and college admittance,” Director of Alternative Schools Flint Fertig said. “At Mountain Park School, we are able to address our students’ needs and ensure they are successfully reaching their academic goals.”

The school’s highly-qualified teachers monitor student progress and meet with students weekly to provide on-campus instruction in subjects ranging from math and science to Spanish, drama, and video production. Electives, athletics, and clubs not offered on site – such as band, jazz ensemble, theater, computer coding, robotics, business clubs, and student government – can be taken at Monrovia High School.

“At Monrovia Unified, we strive to ensure all of our students have access to an educational path that works for them,” Board President Ed Gililland said. “Through Mountain Park School, we provide a window of opportunity for students who need a more flexible schedule to accommodate careers, family commitments, athletics, and other needs while in school.”

Mountain Park students include those who balance school with professional acting and athletic schedules, offering flexible options that allow accelerated learning or learning in a more intimate environment than a traditional classroom. For more information, visit:

“Monrovia Unified is proud to provide our students with innovative and challenging academic opportunities and offering an alternative to our comprehensive campuses,” Superintendent Katherine Thorossian said. “The team at Mountain Park School is dedicated to student academic and personal success.”