MONROVIA, CA – Monrovia Unified School District will expand its highly popular Spanish dual-language program to Wild Rose Elementary in August of 2019 for transitional kindergarteners and kindergarteners. Parents can attend one of two Program Showcase sessions discussing the new option on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 8:30 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. at Wild Rose Elementary School Cafeteria, 232 Jasmine Ave., Monrovia, CA. Both sessions will be presented in English and Spanish; child care will be available.

“As a creative arts school that already offers exceptional programs in vocal music, show choir, dance, ceramics, and band, we are excited to further expand our offerings with a program in language arts,” Wild Rose Principal Leslie Rapkine-Miller said.

Dual immersion provides native English speakers and English learners the opportunity to develop biliteracy and bilingualism through standards-based curriculum. Research shows dual-immersion students gain significant understanding of cultures associated with the language, show overall cognitive advances and earn stronger grades. The program has been shown to narrow the achievement gap between English learners and their peers.

“Building on the success of Monroe’s Spanish dual-language program and extending the option to Wild Rose was an exciting step. This expansion is a clear demonstration of our commitment to increasing special programs and educational options for Monrovia Unified students,” Board President Terrence Williams said.

Situated in the eastern side of the district, Wild Rose joins Monroe as the second elementary school within Monrovia Unified to offer the cutting-edge program. Parents interested in the Spanish dual-language program for their students can enroll at either Wild Rose or Monroe, depending on where they reside within the district.

If a family resides within the boundaries for Mayflower or Monroe, enrollment into the dual-language program will be at Monroe. Wild Rose would be the dual-language enrollment option for those who live within the boundaries of Wild Rose or Bradoaks.

Families living within the Plymouth boundaries can choose to enroll at either Wild Rose or Monroe. The parent meeting will explain how enrollment will be determined and engage the community regarding the enrollment process. Additionally, a map of school boundaries is available on the district website,

“Growing interest from our community has prompted us to expand this program,” Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “Parents recognize the benefits of dual-language instruction in boosting academic performance, broadening career opportunities, and deepening understanding of diverse communities. We are excited to be able to meet their requests with an expanded program.”

For more information, parents are encouraged to visit or call the district office at (626) 471-2000.