LYNWOOD – Nearly 300 Lynwood Unified staff members convened in an online forum on July 29 as the District shared questions and concerns of the community and finalized distance learning plans for the upcoming school year.

The District organized the forum to provide clarity to staff and empower them to address questions from parents and community members in anticipation of the first day of online instruction later this month. In preparation for the meeting, parent and teacher surveys were distributed to gauge the greatest areas of concern.

The group of forum participants included Lynwood Teachers Association President Debbie Diaz, administrators, principals, and teachers.

“It’s important that we enter the school year with a clear focus and a standard of expectations that support the needs of our families,” Shawna Dinkins, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, said. “We are prioritizing the safety of children by continuing distance learning but not at the cost of quality education. We’re committed to ensuring our students will still thrive through remote learning.”

The critical topics of the forum included technology, health and sanitation; social/emotional needs, and emergency school plans.

The District has committed to providing each student with a laptop and has purchased new virtual tools that include 3000 hotspots for students needing internet from home; 1,800 touchscreen Chromebooks for students with special needs, and new classroom monitoring software for educators.

Lynwood Unified has also developed distance learning support groups at school sites that allow educators to learn and share helpful technology and remain connected to their young learners.

The District is currently in phase one of school operations – which is distance learning only – but has plans in place for a potential phase two (blended in-person learning and online) and ultimately phase three of full in-person learning.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has outlined a plan for reopening that will require L.A. County to progress beyond the state’s COVID watch list and show positive trends for 14 consecutive days.

In addition to social distancing plans that will need to be put into place for reopening, the District will employ a new cleaning and sanitizing plan of all school facilities before, during, and after school. Staff will be trained in methods for daily deep cleaning and sanitizing of common areas and high touch areas.

The District has also created student and staff exposure protocols and plans to protect those with underlying health conditions.

“I feel much more prepared to meet the challenges of the new school year,” Cesar Chavez Middle School teacher April Hannon said. “Part of what made these last few months so tough for families and staff was the uncertainty. But I feel more confident than ever in the plans we have in place to support us moving forward.”

Lynwood Unified continues to support students and families through philanthropic community partnerships, meal distribution, and the District’s student services support hotline.

“We will continue to listen to the voices of our community and convene with our staff to make sure we’re well prepared for what is ahead,” LUSD Board President Gary Hardie Jr. “Our commitment to student success and safety remains our top priority.”


080420_LUSD_FORUM1: Lynwood Unified held an online forum on July 29 to help the District prepare for the upcoming school year.

080420_LUSD_FORUM2: Lynwood Unified will begin the school year with distance learning but has plans in place for potential blended in-person learning and online.