LYNWOOD – Lynwood Unified School District students received an introduction to financial literacy through hands-on financial simulations during a Mad City Money event on Oct. 27 at Firebaugh High School.

Hosted by the Center for Financial Empowerment, the Mad City Money Event gave students a taste of adulthood through a series of timed, fast-paced exercises that focused on financial and time management skills. District students can take part in a second Mad City Money event on Thursday, Nov. 3 at Lynwood High School.

During the event, Lynwood Unified welcomed California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, who spoke to students about his past trials and tribulations with finances.

“I lost my mother to cancer when I was young, and a cousin I hadn’t met yet ended up raising me. We were fortunate to have help from the city,” Thurmond said. “This event is important to help students learn finances at a young age, especially to prevent them from having debt.”

After filling out a survey, students received checks and began the simulation. Stops included “Gotta Eat” for groceries, “Kid Care” for daycare, and a spin-the-wheel game called “Fickle Finger of Fate” designed to test how students handle unexpected life circumstances. Students had to determine where to allocate their funds, whether it be insurance, bills or basic necessities.

“Today’s experience was really great and made me see how finances are more than just spending money on things you want,” said Rebecca, a Firebaugh High School student. “There are some things you might have to sacrifice to ensure you have all the basic necessities. This experience made me open my eyes to how important it is to be financially conscious.”

Additionally, students had the opportunity to receive trusted financial advice or start a real savings account through SCE Credit Union.

“Lynwood Unified is proud to be a part of this event. We have an incredible District that continues to put our students’ futures at the forefront of their decision making,” Superintendent Dr. Gudiel Crosthwaite said. “It is extremely important for us as a District that our students graduate from high school well-prepared for the real-world so that they can be successful individuals and outstanding citizens.”


LUSD_MADCITY1: California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond and the Center for Financial Empowerment team begin the Mad City Money event at Firebaugh High School on Oct. 27.

LUSD_MADCITY2: Firebaugh High School students learn about financial literacy during the Oct. 27 Mad City Money event.