LONG BEACH, CA – Higher Education staff, faculty, and administrators from across the country came together to learn about the Institute for Evidence-Based Change’s (IEBC) Caring Campus and its role in boosting student retention and success at the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) conference on May 28.

Data shows that many students who enroll in college fail to reach their educational goals. IEBC developed Caring Campus to help colleges keep students engaged and enrolled until they successfully complete their studies.

“Research is very clear that students come – and stay – where they feel welcome and cared about, thereby making them more likely to graduate,” Ken Sherwood, IEBC Chief Operating Officer, said. “Relationships built with students and co-workers as a result of Caring Campus behaviors significantly impact college operations and student success.”

Temple College president Dr. Christy Ponce presented alongside Sherwood at the NISOD conference, offering real-world examples and success stories of how her staff and faculty have implemented Caring Campus at Temple College after going through the program.

“Caring Campus is one of the best investments in student success that a college can make,” Dr. Ponce said. “The program provides practical strategies that I believe every institution should adopt to better connect with students and enhance their experiences. When students have positive experiences, they are more likely to stay enrolled and complete their educational journey.”

This year’s presentation marks the third consecutive year that IEBC has presented at the NISOD conference, a testament to the impact and relevance of Caring Campus.

“This national platform at NISOD is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our Caring Campus work to a larger audience,” Sherwood said. “Presenting here has allowed us to connect with educators from across the country who are eager to learn and implement effective strategies for student success.”

Following the session, Sherwood engaged with attendees to share more about Caring Campus and how the program could benefit their colleges and universities.

“We are thrilled to see the growing interest and commitment to Caring Campus across the nation,” IEBC president Dr. Brad Phillips said. “Our mission is to support colleges in creating environments where every student feels valued and supported, and the response at NISOD reinforces the importance of this work. Together, we can make a lasting impact on student success.”


IEBC_NISOD: Temple College students are benefitting from the tools and techniques of Caring Campus. Temple President Dr. Christy Ponce implemented Caring Campus to increase student retention at the Texas college in 2023, and presented about the success of the program at the NISOD conference along with IEBC Chief Operating Officer Ken Sherwood.